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Akıllıfon Robo Advisor

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Robo-advisory systems in the market do not analyze investors’ profile and have high level of minimum investment constraints. Plus, they make resource allocation once every month which leads to midlevel gains. Lack of local robo-advisory Technologies limits foreign investors from investing in Turkish enterprises.


Akıllıfon is an AI-based Robo Consultancy platform that analyzes investors’ risk profile and expectations on algorithmic basis. Provides optimum source allocation by monitoring, managing and rebalancing portfolios. Our method is one of its kind which will contribute to the Global Finance Technologies Market. 


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Akıllıfon Robo Advisory

Akıllfon is an artificial intelligence based Robo Consultancy platform that provides optimum source of allocation toward investors’ risk profile and expectations on algorithmic basis; monitors, manages and rebalances portfolios automatically.

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