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UX Design

UX design focuses on creating products that are usable. It enables users to accomplish goals easily. The design process includes concepts of branding, design, usability, and functioning. The major aim is to create products, systems, or services that provide a meaningful experience. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product. It also includes meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. UX handles the architecture of the content and the sitemap.

UI Design

UI (User interface) design is meant to enhance user experience, making your website the most convenient on the Internet, as well as creating the best visual appeal of your pages. User-centric interface design makes the best desirable effect on your target audience. UI design uses color schemes, contrast, navigation, fades, patterns and many other graphic elements to serve this main task. Every single piece on your website is a matter of UI.


One of the key goals of user experience design or gorgeous interface design is the right visual presentation of information. The data should be presented in an intuitively understandable way, just how the user expects to see it. Wireframing as a key part of the web design process helping you visualize the information structure and plan its right layout.p>


Now it’s time to make tangible outcomes out of the idea. But first experiment the design to comply with your customers’ needs by using it as a customer: Prototyping. Potential pain points will show in this step and will be solved before even existing. The proposed solutions may be accepted, improved or rejected depending on how they fare in prototype form.


User interface is what visitors see in the first place. UI design makes the product appealing and beautiful by crafting a common visual language and hierarchy that enhances how users engage with your product. UI brings together concepts from Interaction Design, Visual Design, and Information Architecture. Each piece you see on a website is a matter of UI Design.


Finally, to give the design a life, the developers need assests to code. We will be the one to export all assests for your front-end developers. Then it’s all on your developers’ knowledge. The designs are published after they are written in the suitable language; HTML/CSS/JS for websites, Swift of Java for mobile apps.

Latest Project

Web App Design

11Sight, Bring Your Business to Your Customers with
1-Click Video Calls

11Sight is your ultimate partner for Real-Time Video Call Technology, Service, and Solutions. Move your face-to-face conversations online, build instant trust!


Our Projects


Adviceto.me is Ai based soccial advice sharing platform.


Anonymize visual data in a GDPR-compliant way to protect people’s privacy.


Consultants is all about people. Consultants provide an end-to-end platform for brands and agencies to tap into the thousands of influencers database with the AI powered insights.


Go Translate is the world’s fastest and easiest-to-use translation and dictionary app. Instantly and easily translate text and voice in 100+ languages.


Gallico provides a smooth shopping experience and guarantees satisfaction with the unique apparel.


Akıllıfon is an AI-based Robo Consultancy platform that analyzes investors’ risk profile and expectations on algorithmic basis.


Girişim Merkezi is a businness education & consultancy company based on Turkey. Over 22 years they are supporting the powerful companies.


Kurumsal TV enables live streaming of business events for closed groups and gives the chance to keep them in company’s profile.


Cryptofon machine learning continuously monitors the markets and uses intelligence to cut through the clutter.


Watch the best short films hand-picked just for you, including award-winning drama films, animations, documentaries, and web series.


EKRIA is a contemporary lifestyle brand with a bold and sophisticated take on art and design.


EKRIA is a contemporary lifestyle brand with a bold and sophisticated take on art and design.


EKRIA is a contemporary lifestyle brand with a bold and sophisticated take on art and design.


Are you ready for VIP shopping experience?
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Kumbhaka is a lifestyle brand with healthy Kombucha products.

Üsküdar Universtiy App

T.C. Üsküdar Üniversitesi, İDER – İnsani Değerler ve Ruh Sağlığı Vakfı tarafından İstanbul’da kurulmuş bir vakıf üniversitesidir.

Yaşar Birleşik Pazarlama

Yaşar Group sells their high quality products on this mobile app.


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